Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOTD:OPI Mermaid's Tears + OPI Go On Green

Hello Everyone!

Today's NOTD is a layering combination. I started with two coats of OPI Mermaid's Tears which is a slightly dusty mint creme. Mermaid's Tears came out with the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection in Spring 2011. The formula was incredible. I love OPI's cremes. They go on so easily and evenly and they're amazingly self leveling. I then added one coat of OPI Go On Green. Go On Green is a very sheer light blue polish flooded with tons and tons of mint green shimmer .I'm not a fan of sheers on their own but I really enjoy layering with them. Go On Green is a bit watery but I find that to be normal with most sheer polishes.

In lower lights I can see more of the blue from Go on Green in this mani but in natural light all that gorgeous green shimmer comes out to play. I don't care if this mani gives me "lobster hands" I love it!

May I also just rave for a second about the OPI ProWide brush? I think its my favorite brush. My nail beds fall somewhere between 'normal' and 'wide' and with the ProWide brush I can cover my entire nail in one swipe. It makes painting my nails so much faster.


  1. Hi Starlet, My name is Minnie. I couldn't find your e-mail address on your blog to introduce myself to you. Anyway, hi :D

    I love that color!

    P.S. I have you on my dashboard but can't see that I'm following you if I'm not please let me know I'd like to :D

  2. Pretty!! I love the subtle sheen that Go on Green gives Mermaid's Tears. A perfect mani for your upcoming trip to Hawaii =)

  3. @minnie- You are following me. Thanks so much for the follow :)

    @Jacqui- I have a tough time getting rid of my sheers because i love to layer them. I think my Hawaii mani will be OPI Sweet Honeymoon (which i got from you at our swap so THANK YOU!

    @duhnay23 & @shannara Thank you ladies!