Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look At What I Found: Revlon Crackle Duos

Hello Everyone!

For today's post I wanted to show you something I came across while I was in the grocery store. Revlon has released crackle duos. Each set comes with one traditional polish and one crackle polish. I've got to say I really hate this kind of packaging. I'm a firm believer that all polish should be stored upright so that it does not leak into the threads on the bottle neck and essentially glue itself shut. I also feel like it's really late in the game for Revlon to be jumping on the crackle bandwagon. I know most polish enthusiasts are pretty much over the trend now. I think that's just the nature of our "addiction". We're always waiting for the next big thing and we're so up to date with what's being released in upcoming collections that we tend to get over things very quickly.

I posted this picture on the nail board on MUA and someone jokingly said, "at this rate they'll be releasing magnetics in 2014". Now I love magnetics as much as the next girl, but please Revlon, please release streetwears instead. Do you realize how happy all of your loyal customers would be to see the streetwear line come back? 

I believe these duos retail for either $6.99 or $8.99. 

What do you think of crackle polish? Are you over it? Still excited to see new options?

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