Thursday, May 10, 2012

NOTD: LA Girl Matte Lilac

Hello Everyone!

A few years ago we were hit with a matte polish trend. Personally I still love this look and I wear it quite often.  The polish I have for you today is LA Girl Matte Lilac. To my eyes this isn't exactly what I'd call lilac. I would say it's more of a blue based pink. When I think lilac I think of a color somewhere between pink and purple leaning more towards purple.

At any rate, Matte Lilac had very easy application. One thing I will note is that I let the first coat dry before I added a second. Mattes dry on the surface very quickly but if you use a thicker coat it will still be wet deeper in the layer so I like to let the first coat dry completely to prevent any dragging or bald spots. I used two coats of Matte Lilac over one coat of CND Stickey. I did not use topcoat for the picture below.  I had no removal issues.
I love the rubber like texture

There are many companies now that make matte topcoats that allow you to make any polish matte. With this in mind I decided to compare a few creme polishes I own to see if I had a dupe of Matte Lilac. 

From index to pinky- Matte Lilac (with topcoat), OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, Matte Lilac (with topcoat), Essie Splash of Grenadine.

Now that I'm looking at this I wish I'd swatched China Glaze Dance Baby along with these polishes. As you can see there are no dupes here but Splash of Grenadine is quite close.

How do you feel about matte polishes? Do you own any?


  1. I don't own any matte polishes but I do want a top coat that will make my polishes matte. There are a few that I would like to see matte!

    1. NYC makes a matte TC and also Hard Candy. Let me know what you want to see matte and if I haven enough of them I'll do a swatchfest for you :)

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