Monday, September 19, 2011

Essie Lady Like Swatch & Comps

Essie Lady Like is From the fall 2011 collection. Lady Like a soft dusty pink creme. It reminds me of a flower petal. It also reminds me of a mauve/pink clutch my grandmother owned. I'm oddly drawn to these types of colors. I really didn't like Lady Like when I first put it on, but as I wore it through today it really grew on me. I think I'll wear Lady Like as a pedicure next time.

Essie Lady Like on ring, OPI Parlez Vous OPI? on middle, Essie Demure Vixen on ring, Wet N' Wild Heartbroken on pink. These were all the colors I thought could be dupes for Lady Like but as you can see they're not as closed as I thought they were. Demure Vixen is obviously the closest, but Demure Vixen has shimmer and is slightly more beige on color than Lady Like is. Definitely not dupes.