Thursday, September 22, 2011

OPI Designer Series Jewel Swatches & Comps

OPI Designer Series Jewel. Jewel is a goregeous polish. It is a duochrome. Depending on what lighting I'm in I see a heavily red based purple with cranberry shimmer, a cranberry base with coordinating shimmer, or a rich bronzey brown with cranberry shimmer. At the right angles, I can even see pink shimmer. I could not stop looking at this polish yesterday. I kept tilting my hand at different angles in the light to make the different colors come out. Jewel reminds me of the leaves changing on a red leafed maple tree, perfect for the Autumn mood I've been in

OPI Designer Series Jewel Comps. I had a heck of a time trying to find a polish to compare this too.  Jewel is really unique in my collection. I tried to comp the most prevalent base color, the rich bronzey cranberry color. Essie It's Genius on index and ring, OPI DS Jewel on middle and pinky. Not even close. Now I do think Jewel may be close to OPI Canadian Maple Leaf, but I do not own it so I cannot say for sure.


  1. Did you get that from me at the meetup? If so, I'm glad you like it!!!! This is why I love swapping, giving polishes to people who can appreciate them more than me. Looks great on you =)

  2. @jacqui- I did get it from you. Thanks so much!

  3. @duhnay23- Thanks girl. I couldn't stop staring at it haha