Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOTD: Icing Lucky Luis & OPI Black Shatter

Today I have another crackle/ Shatter mani for you. What can I say? It's nail art that anyone can do. I remember back when Cover Girl came out with crackling polish. I remember thinking it as the coolest thing. It's fun for me to watch trends come and go and come back again. I must say the new version of the crackle/ shatter polishes is so much better than the old version. The old formula used to flake right off. It created a really cool pattern but I desperately needed a topcoat or else you'd find flakes of polish all over. I remember the old crackle polish was also nearly impossible to remove. I used to just pick at mine and make it flake off because I hated fighting with it. You practically needed a grinder to get the darn stuff off. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. My point is the formula on the new crackle polish is phenomenal. I have heard of some people having issues with it getting thick or "crumbly" in the bottle. It's always important with any polish to make sure you tighten the cap so it's completely closed. Please do not throw away your thickened "glue consistency" crackle polish (or any polish for that matter) is it safe to used Nail Polish thinner to rejuvenate thickened polish. It will not ruin your crackle polish. Please do not use nail polish remover or acetone to thin you polish ONLY USE NAIL POLISH THINNER.

The base color I used was from Icing. It's called Lucy Luis. Lucky Luis is a spring green jelly. It's a lovely polish but after I applied four coats I still had a very noticeable visible nail line. A lot of people are not bothered by this but I didn't like it with this color so I added OPI Black Shatter.

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